Great American Distillers Festival, Portland OR

                War Horn Whisky - Gold

                Virginia Sweetwater- Gold



Great American Distillers Festival, Portland, OR

                War Horn Whisky- Gold



 Great American Spirits Festival, Portland OR

                War Horn Barrel Select- Silver

                 Silver for Packaging

 American Craft Spirits Association, Austin TX

                War Horn Barrel Select Whisky- Bronze

 American Distilling Institute, Louisville KY

                Virginia Sweetwater Shiners Gold- Double Gold

                Best of Class Moonshine



Fifty Best American Moonshine, New York City, NY

                 Virginia Sweetwater Shiners Gold-  Gold

 Fifty Best American Single Malts, New York City, NY

                 Revelations, Single Malt Corn Whisky-   Gold

  Micro Shiner- National Publication- Revelations

                     The best whisky to ever come out of Virginia”



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