AMS Is Growing!

AMS Is Growing!


Not only is AMS growing its product line with the addition of Apple Pie Moonshine but we are expanding our distribution in Colorado and Florida.

Our Virginia Sweetwater Apple Pie Moonshine is now available! It is made with our award winning mountain corn whisky mixed with Apple Pie Fixins’. You can taste the sweet apples and spices that are part of the Appalachia countryside. This is true, mountain made corn whiskey, enjoy it straight over ice or in your favorite mixed drink.  Shine’ On responsibly.

We have expanded our distribution to include Park Street Imports in Florida and Mountain Top Wholesalers in Colorado. They join Bacchus Importers in Maryland. Delaware and Washington DC and Virginia ABC Stores.

“My mission is to honor the skills of Appalachia Whisky makers who have been makin’ shine for 200 years. We also have a world class Bourbon aging and Revelations, the nation’s only Single Malt Corn Whisky. I’m taking corn to a new level and having a blast doing so” says Scott Schumaker, Founder and CEO of AMS.

Come visit AMS on Main Street in Marion, VA. We are open 7 days a week, regardless of the weather, we’re always shining.

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