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War Horn Whisky

Warm, mellow and smooth on the tongue - everything a whisky should be.  We’ve created a whisky that holds its own with the best because we’ve combined master distilling with something extra.  And that extra is honor.

During the time that owner, Scott “Mash” Schumaker, was launching the distillery, his brother, LTC William Sean Schumaker, passed away. The Colonel spent most of his career in Germany and the Mid-East, rose thru the ranks as a “Can Do, Failure is not an option” type of leader and beloved by his troops.  He was the final Commander of the 32nd Signal Corp Battalion, which, at the conclusion of the Iraq war, stood down and the colors put away until another time and conflict. In fact,  his troops while under his command would stop at the main gates in Iraq and shout “Sound the War Horns”, that became the battle moniker, esprit de corps, team work, leave no man behind. With-in one year after retirement, newly remarried and reconnecting with his brothers, after so much time away, the Colonel died. He was awarded two bronze stars and a litany of medals.

War Horn Whiskey is a tribute to him and all military personnel, who have served with pride, honor and willingness to put themselves in harm’s way.  From the battlefields of Gettysburg, Normandy, the conflicts known by only those that where there in the Jungles, Deserts, and Mountains, when fear is replaced by doing, What Ever It takes, …..

War Horn Whiskey is a sweet oak and honey aged whisky made in a traditional pot still, aged in oak barrels and hand crafted for you. It is a smooth spirit that is very easy to drink, not as bold as a bourbon and is delightful from the first sip to the last. It is made in honor of all who serve for the well-being of our fellow man.

With glasses raised:

To our enemy, whom we have faced on the field of battle, in the mountains, the valleys, the sand and the sea. Sound the WAR HORNS!!

To those that came before us and deeds we will never know.. Sound the WAR HORNS!!

To those who returned but never came home; Sound the WAR HORNS!! To our Brothrs and Sisters who will come after, We honor you. Sound the WAR HORNS!! Sound the WAR HORNS!!



2013 Gold Medal, Great American Distillers Festival

2014 Gold Medal, Great American Distillers Festival

2014 Bronze Medal, American Distilling Institute National Competition

2015 Bronze Medal, American Craft Spirits National Competition

2015 Silver Medal, Great American Distillers Festival

Awards all

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