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Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine


Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, untouched by time, there still lies a tradition very much alive. Illegal spirits flowed from the deep hollows and rugged mountains, funding the moonshine trade and pursued by the Revenuers, “The Taxman”.

Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine is the same recipe handed down thru the years, tried and delightful. It is the legal version, taxes paid, made by hand in small batches just for you, by  Appalachian Mountain Spirits, LLC. It is a traditional corn whisky made from locally grown corn. Our Moonshine is a clean tasting, extremely smooth spirit with a subtle corn flavor which is easy on the pallet and grows to a wonderful sweetness at the finish. There is no harsh aftertaste.

The Shiners’ Gold is our 101 proof version of the same spirit.

Our Virginia Sweetwater Apple Pie Moonshine is made with our award winning mountain corn whisky mixed with Apple Pie Fixins’. You can taste the sweet apples and spices that are part of the Appalachia countryside.

This is true, mountain made corn whiskey, enjoy it straight over ice or in your favorite mixed drink.  Please enjoy, drink responsibly, be safe and come visit the Virginia Sweetwater Distillery, in Marion, VA.


Up in the holler, On the side of a hill, sits a little house, with a moonshine still.

Its a cute little house and will give ya a thrill when you watch that moonshine still.

The mash is a bubblin’, rocking to a tune, workin’ real hard by the light of the moon.

The men that work there are mighty proud to make the best Moonshine around.

They do it right, they do it just; they pay the tax just for us.

It started from a dream to get friends together, have a few drinks and to remember. What’s important in life and that’s each other.

Up on the holler, On the side of a hill, sits a little house, with a moonshine still.


Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine 2013 Gold, Great American Distillers Festival

Awards all

Best Of Class 2015 - Moonshine Certified Craft Distilled Spirits 

9th Annual American Distilling Institute Tasting Competition

Virginia Sweetwater Distillery Shiners’ Gold 101


Gold Medal 2016 - Fifty Best Moonshine Spirits Tasting Competition

Virginia Sweetwater Distillery Shiners’ Gold 101

Fifty Best Gold Medal

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