Award Winning Revelations Single Malt Whisky




Revelations Single Malt Whisky


Appalachian Mountain Spirits has announced the release of “Revelations, A Single Malt Corn Whisky”. America’s first and only malted corn whisky made in the Traditional Pot Distilled Scottish Style.

Over 250 years ago the Virginia Highlands were being settled by the Scotch and Irish. America did not have a vast supply of barley, the agrarian culture was that of corn. To make a traditional Scotch they would have use the grains at hand. Corn and Rye are the grains that gave birth to Revelations. First they are both malted and then the grains are smoked over a fire of red oak to impart the peaty flavor. The smoke is not overpowering, but accentuates the sweetness of the corn. Revelations crosses the boundaries of both Bourbon and Scotch aficionados. Aged in new and used bourbon barrels the product is unique and unlike any spirit in the market. This is sure to be one of the great American Whisky’s.

Micro Shiner National Publication states that “Revelations is the Best Whisky to Ever come out of Virginia”.

Revelations is currently only available in small batch, limited releases.


 Gold Medal 2016 - Fifty Best Single Malt Whisky Spirits Taste Testing Competition

Revelations Single Malt Whisky


Fifty Best Gold Medal

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